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5 Things to know before getting into Makeup

*Disclaimer: By no means am I a professional makeup artist, nor do I claim to be. This is my opinion from learned experience*

There are no rule books on makeup … well, maybe there are, but I never read them. Everything I learned was self-taught or through another person. From there, it was all my own research. However, I wanted to share five things I learned from when I first started (around 17 years old).

Here are my 5 things to know before getting into makeup:

  1. It's a learning process & practice makes perfect.

It will take you so long until you “figure” it out. No one is an expert right off the bat, and that is okay! You need to realize that this is a learning process, and it is something that will take time before you know what exactly works for you and your skillset and skin. Repetition will make you better. Honestly, even then, you grow as an artist every time because you can test something new. Maybe the previous time, you felt you could blend in a circular rotation more or start adding pigment over time. Those little things build on each other, and you will get to the point of complete satisfaction. Just trust the process — literally.

2. What works for you might not work for another.

Once you start getting the hang of makeup, you'll also realize that not every product or technique works for everyone. Again, that is okay! I remember trying my hardest to do an eyeshadow look when following a tutorial and getting frustrated because it was not working out. I had to come to terms and look in the way I knew and make it work for me. This goes for products as well!

3. Learn your skin

I feel like this is a big one. Everyone has different skin, and even famous beauty influencers have begun to share their skin type to help others. Whether it is dry to oil, combo, acne-prone, or any other combination, this makes a huge impact on managing through products or filtering out which one will give you the best results. You can also use this to your advantage and work with any product but be able to manipulate it to work best with your skin.

4. Be adventurous

Take risks with makeup! If you like a pop of color on the inner corner, by all means, make sure she's pigmented and showing up loud and clear. Like I’ve said before, there are no rules to makeup. Sky’s the limit with it. Personally, when I first started makeup, I was scared to touch color. I told myself I was a neutral gal, and that is wrong. Color and glitter and creating iconic looks are so fun. Venture into the adventurous side you want, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

5. Have fun!

Remember that makeup is meant to enhance your features and be something to enjoy. This is an outlet and expression for yourself. Makeup is fun. Remember when you were young and had the fake “play” makeup. That moment where you found joy putting it on and being like “Oh” and “Yes,” that is what you should feel every day putting this on. Many people can say that doing their makeup is their favorite part of their day; it is for me. Make sure you continue to find that joy in wearing it and creating looks every day.

While these are just five things that I feel are important to me about makeup, I can offer many more things from my own personal experience. However, if anyone asked me about how I got good at makeup or how I teach myself this, I find myself repeating these five things first. It’s all really a learning process and something to continue to work hard with. Just give it time and patience, and you'll get there as well. MUAH

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