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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

*I want to share a little about me and why I started this blog. So this is my viewpoint on makeup. Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist nor do I claim to be. This my opinion based on learned experience.*

Makeup is art.

There is no denying what people could create with makeup. Whether they are enhancing their beautiful features to transforming themselves into characters or celebrities. There is no limit on what anyone could create with makeup and that in itself amazes me.

My perception of makeup is, it's not meant to cover flaws or change an appearance (though that is also fine as well). It's meant to express who you are on the inside and enhance what a person loves about themself.

When I was first introduced to makeup, it was when I was young and would see my mother putting on her striking, bold red lip and simple mascara. She was never someone who felt the need to lather her face in makeup but she also grew up in a household where makeup was looked down upon. She never found the need to learn or was pressured into having to look perfect. She loved herself that way. To this day, that is her go-to look and she reminds me every day that she looks "cute" and feels great with that combo.

Growing up with that mentally really shaped my perception of makeup entirely. By the time I was in high school, I was itching to experiment. After joining cheer, I felt that door of opportunity open up for me. I had to wear makeup for competitions and I had to learn on my own how to work with products. I learned from the older girls how to apply certain things such as mascara and eyeliner. But the majority of the time, I had to do it myself because I would flinch or move that would make it hard for someone else to do it.

Through cheerleading, I learned about how makeup reacts with lights and how to apply "stage" makeup. I never knew there were differences in how to apply makeup when it came to everyday wear and bright lighting. I just thought it slap it on and go, but in reality, there was so much more to learn.

From there on I became a beauty/makeup junkie.

I needed to know more and more about makeup. My mother finally was open to me experimenting with products and I began to create looks. I watched so many YouTube videos and practiced any chance I got. I started learning about my skin and what product works with it. I researched how to do eyeshadow for my eye shape and now I feel like I mastered it.

It took me years to get a hold of it. I had many failed stages and embarrassing photos where I had the "flashback mary" moments. I remember one day, someone asked me about my eyeliner and "why it looked that way" ... I was still learning but that moment made me look into why it covered my eyelids or how to make it look good.

I never wanted to stop learning and I am glad I never did.

My go-to look is a bold wing eyeliner. From high school until now, I finally perfected my eyeliner that works for my specific eye shape. But I only got the point of "mastering" this look through research and consistent trial and error.

I also found the perfect product that works for me and I have never used something different anymore. Everyone who knows me knows I am a girl who loves her liner. I am always in stock with my NYX matte liquid liner. I never fail to have two new ones before I finish the one I am using. I love that product so much.

That is also another reason why I think makeup is so incredible. There are so many products out there that are made or meant for individuals specifically. What works for one person won't work for another, and that's okay. It is all about trial and error out here and that makes it fun. No one can ever stop learning how to create something new with products.

The ruleless world of makeup just allows people to live in a creative state. One product can be used in so many different ways that weren't thought of when it was first created. This is what excites me. If I don't have a specific product, I can take a look at work by using a different product in a peculiar way.

Again, amazing. There are no limits on what people have created or continue to create. Makeup is truly an art form and I will never stop seeing it like that.

That is the beauty in all of this. No rules, no limit, just creativity being able to flourish on a human canvas. Continue on creating and expressing, there's an audience who will adore it such as people like me. As I always say to every, life is BEAUYful, so enjoy it while you can. MUAH

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*Disclaimer: By no means am I a professional makeup artist, nor do I claim to be. This is my opinion from learned experience* There are no rule books on makeup … well, maybe there are, but I never rea