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Trendy Momentz: Graphic Eyeliner

A crisp clean wing eyeliner will always be loved, but the game has been revolutionized with young artists creating beautiful geometrical shapes on their eyes.

Graphic eyeliner has officially taken over the makeup scene.

There are so many simple ways to elevate an eyeliner look and by just adding one little thing, it would automatically fall into a graphic eyeliner category.

A graphic liner can be described as the creative sister to a wing liner. This trend can be first seen back in 2015 with influencers and artists adding dots under an eyeliner or taking the liner into the eyelid space.

With no surprise, it began to gradually change and develop into its own form of art. It went from colorful wing liner look to gradients, glitter, and finally adding a little bit of flare with several extra lines.

By 2020, that flare grew into something bigger and intricate, yet insanely beautiful. With companies releasing water-activated or even oil-activated eyeliner pigments, specifically for this use, artists have taken this new trend and created art.

Instagram artist, Vanessa, (@Cutcreaser) has become an expert in graphic eyeliner. In her most recent creations, she has drawn inspiration from the once cartoon and now Netflix series “Winx.” She has captured each of the character's wing styles and persona through the use of eyeliner.

While these looks are considered to be more on the dramatic and artistic approach, other artists have taken this and use this for everyday looks.

Aspiring Instagram artist Rosaly, (@rosalylisethe), has shown through her two recent posts the versatility of the graphic liner. In times where she is in a crunch for time, she takes her simple eyeliner look and elevates it by adding an extra liner in the crease.

In another post, she showcases her graphic liner skills with a floral look for spring. A simple yet beautiful look.

This trend will continue to grow and become something larger as everyone is able to participate. Whether it is by adding something small to a current eyeliner look or trying something that is out of the box and extraordinary. Whichever way that may be, just know it will look beautiful at the end. MUAH

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